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radarSPOT example

radarSPOT example

Our "precipitation radar" maps show a short term precipitation forecast for the next hour. For your selected location, we display a map of the country and a local radarSPOT, with your location in the centre. Since there aren´t satellite images for each region, there is no possibility to do a nowcast calculation. Consequently, the clock on the right corner doesn´t show future values. Time steps in the future are always forecasts.

Lightnings detected during the past 30 minutes are displayed as red crosses. Lightning data is provided by nowcast.

radarSPOT radius is 50 km, therefore diameter is approximately 100 km (if not otherwise indicated). In Switzerland, radius is 25 km.

This information is only available for certain countries, and updated every 15 minutes. (Status 2014: Europe, South America).

radarSpot can be found on the homepage under Precipitation radar with lightning.

This representation is replaced by radar and precipitation nowcast for Switzerland and USA.