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A large number of people use meteoblue forecasts to plan their weather-depending activities, sometimes as accurately as hour-to-hour. We appreciate your contributions: Your criticism helps us to improve our products and services. Your praise helps us keep them. Here are some comments received, with thanks to the authors for the permission to use it here:


  • I find this app very helpful and accurate. Another question, can I use your images in WhatsApp, I have a group of farmers that your app will be very helpful, I live in Costa Rica and we have different microclimates, our national climate office usually don’t give that much climate updates, I used to see the satellites images in the NHC, but now they referred to others pagesthat didn’t offer good feedback of oir region, that when I find your app, it is the first thing I open in the morning, very helpful and good info. Diego Gutierrez Victory, 08.11.2020
  • You are the most brilliant and near accurate forecasters of all. I watch several sites all the time, but know that you always are the most accurate. Well done. Hugo Van-Manen, 23.08.2018
  • Your weather information is both thoroughly and well presented. You offer options to analyze the likely incoming weather, such as radar/satellite animations and the multimodel. But, what impresses me the most is the accuracy of your 6 day forecasts. Here in southern Thailand, we are currently experiencing the annual monsoon season, and your precipitation forecasts have been eerily accurate.
    You are, without doubt, the number one weather site, and feel free to quote me on that as I can back up the claim with the comparison data of a number of other sites, some international and some more local. 29.11.2017
  • Thank you for the most fantastic weather website!! I have always been interested in weather forecasts/predictions and especially rain forecasts, rain is precious in South Africa. I have visited probably most of the listed weather websites on the internet and have not found another to match your site. I visit your website daily for a variety of places in SA. The predictions are so often amazingly correct and having told friends of the accuracy of the predictions now have friends phoning to check the predicted weather for the next couple of days if they are planning something special. The interactive map when looking for a place in SA is also one of a kind! No other website (that I have seen) offers the opportunity to 'pin point' a position in South Africa, they only list the towns or cities stored in their databases.
    We have had an interest for many years in a game farm that borders and forms part of the Kruger National Park. I have been able to 'pin point' the camp area of the game farm on your interactive map so I can follow the weather predictions/rain forecasts for the farm and not Hoedspruit which is the closest town but is ±65km away. The 'new' weather map is fantastic, thank you. So thank you again, just love the meteoblue website!! Kind Regards, Fiona Reynolds, 06.01.2017.
  • Simply the best. And this comes from someone sailing daily in the Aegean Sea. Thank you. iossif, 03.07.2016.
  • Great!!! As paragliding pilot and organizer of many competitions, I can say that this is very good! O. 16.06.2016.
  • Every day I follow your site and I am very satisfied, greeting. N. 03.05.2016.
  • Best weather website that I have found and I have tried many. T. G. Taylor, 14.02.2016.
  • I am not one to randomly send fan mail, but I would be remiss not to acknowledge the level of accuracy meteoblue has hit this summer at Nueltin Lake in Canada's Arctic. I look at a lot of weather sites to get a good reading on what is coming and you have been very accurate. Can you give me some idea where you guys get your information? Thanks a bunch. I plan to put a link to meteoblue from my website so clients can check out the weather. I have your iPhone app on my phone and use it daily. Kindly, Shawn Gurke, Nueltin Fly-In Lodges, Ltd. 02.08.2012.
  • I don't like meteoblue : -)... with MS at least, I can hope that they are mistaken : o) ... with meteoblue this is never the case! Rain is announced for lunchtime in Sauges … it is punctual, nothing to say. Good day to all, at least ... 05.19.2012 .
  • Congratulations. This is the best weather site that I have found on the Internet so far (after many years of searching). Very accurate for many items. You knock the nail right on the head most of the times. Don't give up. Continue the development of the accuracy of the forecasts. I like your work. Kind regards. Dries. 18.10.2015.

Latest since 2019

  • I am using your site with point+ since 2 years. It is getting better and better. Congratulations! With new `Wetterkarten` it became so good that I don't need any other weather site anymore. I also appreciate that your weather forecasts (for Europe) are surprisingly precise. Excellent job. I hope your pricing for point+ will stay stable and thus affordable for private users. Wolf K., 23.07.2020.
  • I have been using for several years now. I think it is really nice, I especially appreciate the infographics/charts, like the meteogram: very informative but still clear and easily readable. Thank you. Keep up the great work! Sébastien, 09.05.2020.
  • I love it. Don’t change. WU changed theirs to garbage so I deleted the Ap. Looked hard and found this. Works fine for me. Allen E, 02.02.2020.
  • meteoblue is the most reliable weather forecast for the mountain tours I plan and for the advise I give to other mountaineers. These last days I was again on a remote mountain hut (at an altitude of almost 2400 meters) and meteoblue’s forecast was again very reliable! -Klaus R. 30.10.2019.
  • Thank you so very much for a fast, understandable, complete explanation. I got it. I’m a home gardener from NH and use the site for monitoring frost. I love the site. Thank you again. if, 31.08.2019.
  • As a visitor to Slovenia I find your weather forecast to be the most comprehensive and accurate weather forecast available on the internet. R.Green, 15.08.2019.
  • Frankly speaking, your website is actually and undoubtedly my go-to weather resource ever. Alexander, 12.08.2019.
  • Thanks, I have to say I’m very pleased how the meteoblue customer support responds. I have reached out to meteoblue already many times and I have always received a timely and useful feedback. Anonymous, 19.06.2019.
  • I would like to say I use your weather site every day and I think it is incredible the amount of measurements and details that are provided here, along with the high accuracy of forecasts. Oliver, 12.06.2019.
  • I am a paragliding pilot and have different account for different weather forecast apps. One of them is xcskies , which I have been member since 2015 . You have been much better in predicting weather in general, NOW that you have more options , especially for aviation , (the missing colour in the app is there) , I love it . Ali A. 28.05.2019.
  • Superb, best weather site on the internet. Ian D. 08.06.2019.
  • Your wind show is the best I have ever seen. Good going. Ebbe S. 07.06.2019.
  • With regard to the new website, the overall layout and colour scheme looks good. Le Manh, 27.04.2019.
  • I surf many sites but not got the information of Diveagar. I need a climatic info for my case study. Your site help me a lot. Thank you so much... and this site covers most of climatic data. 01.01.2019.


  • Very well prepared forecast, reliable. Miroslav, 30.09.2018.
  • Sooper SITE!!!!I love IT!!!! Codruta, 22.09.2018.
  • The best weather site I have seen !!!!!! Gary Hohnstein , 21.09.2018.
  • I'm an amateur meteorologist. I've been using your predictions for a long time! NEMS models are the best in the world. I wish for you good work and successful development! Best regards, Krisztián Kormos, Budapest, Hungary, 11.09.2018.
  • Excellent presentations, which I find very useful for gliding, sailing and hill walking. Bob, 26.08.2018.
  • Thank you again for very accurate weather forecasts for the Costa Blanca. Last week, you forecasted 7 days in advance, 2 thunderstorms at 2 pm and 5pm. Both happened at exactly those times, fantastic!. I do not know how you can do that. We use your forecasts every day. CG, 09.06.2018.
  • Good, solid weather forecast. Innovative forms of meteorological processes presentation. Very inspiring and educating for young people. Interesting forms encouraging co-creation of the page, e.g. photo photos of the clients of the page. I'm a fan of meteoblue! Wojtek, 26.05.2018.
  • meteoblue is a perfect service. I use it as my main news of weather. Thanks you. J. Kotek, 26.05.2018.
  • Excellent site. BBC weather has tried to copy you but it's not nearly as good! JC, 07.04.2018.
  • ear All, Thank you so much for your support! From crew and master. Ruslansha, 10.03.2018.
  • Hello, thank you for the great work. We are using this website on a regular basis for most of our needs... Len, 03.02.2018.
  • Very satisfied with this site. N. Saginashvili, 27.01.2018.
  • One of the best meteo apps. Thanks. McDeimos, 20.01.2018.

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