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  • Dear MB team. After I had arranged for a balloon ride this morning in Hinwil, your forecast was actually against this plan. I have then phoned MeteoSwiss and got my desired forecast ........ well, this morning at 5.00 clock, I canceled the trip and and at 8:00 o'clock it was raining, as announced by you. I'll never doubt your forecast again.Greetings W. Gschwendtner, 15.06.2013.
  • Your site is world class! I use it always for the preparation of my climbs. Last time, I noticed that an altitude reading is incorrect. The Bristenstock (Switzerland) is 3073 meters high. Kind regards Adrian Zaugg. 11.10.2012. [Editor's Note: the altitude was promptly corrected].
  • I do not like meteoblue :-) ... At least with MS one can hope that they will be wrong: o) ... with meteoblue this is never the case! Rain at noon announced in Sauges ... it is on time, nothing to say! Nice day at all, anyway ... 19.05.2012. 12:01:33.
  • "I use this site almost daily, every time before I go paragliding. Ingenious." Linus Walter. 2008
  • "Congratulation to your excellent web site and your accurate predictions!" Wolfgang Hitzl. 2008
  • "I want to compliment you on your weather forecasts, I live in Italy and own a vineyard and depend on reliable weather forecasts to plan work, harvests etc. . Contrary to the „locals“… is meteoblue is a real help and Support. Your forecasts are highly accurate, even though your forecast location is some kilometers away and not on the same atlitude. With best thanks and friendly greetings." André Eggli, 28.3.2008.
  • "meteoblue is really excellent a Internet site; it is very useful and gives precise previsions with very good resolution (every 3 hours). Thanks again! =)" François Scholder, 4.3.2008.
  • Jörg Schirmer uses meteoblue to plan his astronomy observations. "Forecast accuracy for Willisau has been around 93% when taking into account stations Napf and Egolzwil. Reasons [for forecasts not to be considered accurate] were mostly timing errors of 2 - 3 hours. I seem to remember that only on two occasions [meteoblue forecasts] have been completely off." 2007
  • "Congratulations for your wonderful numerical weather prediction website. I am using it extensively, among others for planning sailing trips on the North Sea and other outdoors activities." Phillipe Tardy. 2007.
  • "As a balloon pilot I appreciate your service very much. Easy handling, very customer friendly. Also very helpful for regions with few weather stations (e.g. part of Europe), by far the best way to make a sound go or no-go judgment. Highly recommendable." Peter Blaser 2007.
  • "Imi place foarte mult noul site, este mult mai user-friendly. Il folosesc in fiecare zi deoarece imi ofera toate informatiile necesare. Continuati cu treaba buna!" 6.10.2019
  • "J’ai toujours gand plaisir à consulter vos schémas de prévisions très clairs et facilement compréhensibles par tous. Mais le plus fascinant est bien la carte animée des vents et la possibilité d’en appréhender les turbulences en altitude. Sur fond sombre, c‘est vraiment mieux. Merci pour ce très beau boulot; continuez bien." 16.10.2019
  • "Bravo für Ihre guten und meist präzisen Vorhersagen. Die neue Wetterkarte ist super!!! Vielen Dank und weiter so!" -16.10.2019
  • "Hallo, liebe Meteoblue-Wetterfrösche, Als ich sieben, 10 Minuten vor 15 Uhr vor der Tür stand, war der Himmel schwarz und es kam ein schnelles, kurzes Gewitter. Zum Glück war ich noch unterm Dach. Und was hatte Meteoblue für meine Stadt (Korntal) gemeldet? >>> 15 Uhr - Gewitter <<< Echtes Kompliment, Ihr seit wirklich die besten Wetterfrösche, die ich kenne!" -18.10.2019
  • "Wir nützen es jeden Tag frühmorgens - dann wissen wir Bescheid wie das Wetter wird ! Es stimmt fast immer. Danke für Ihre Bemühungen " E.und H. B. , 21.10.2019
  • "Parfait, Reçu au lever, un état détaillée de la météo du jour, et des quelques jours à venir. Précis, complet, vérifié très fiable (par mes soins). J'en télécharge un de la destination à l'occasion de chacun de mes déplacements, et voyage ainsi avec la tenue idoine. Je recommande vivement le bulletin quotidien de météoblue."-Roland 31.10.2019
  • "Mas mando este mail para realçar as vossas muito boas previsões, apesar das imagens de satelite faladas, o excelente atendimento e inovaçoes que mais nenhum serviço que eu saiba tem como a previsibilidade e o dito rainSPOT falado." -Marco 06.11.2019

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