Country map

meteoblue weather maps (meteoMaps) provide an instant overview of the weather forecast over entire regions, countries, continents and the world. On the maps, you can see one or several variables (see menu on the right) displayed for different periods of time.

Ground temperature map (for professionals) over Europe

Ground temperature map (for professionals) over Europe

The weather maps are available for 1 to 7 days.
The forecast for 8-14 days is shown in diagrams and not in maps, because of the increasing variability ranges for all variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, probability), since the forecast is increasingly uncertain beyond 7 days. This uncertainty can not be represented on a map. In addition, the changes 8-14 days ahead are modelled at lower resolution and develop over larger areas, so that local differences disappear. An analysis of meteograms in 2 to 4 distant locations will give more insight into the possible developments and their uncertainty than a map.

The maps are available everywhere, with the size and resolution depending on the desired area, variabletime and model resolution.

On the professional maps (see picture on the right above), the model type and the variables used for the map are usually shown on the top left above the map. On the top right above the map, there is first the time of the map currently displayed and below the time of the last model run.

Precipitation 3h-steps over Europe

Precipitation 3h-steps over Europe

Large maps, which cover more than one time zone, use the date definition based on the time zone given in the legend. Therefore, some values may differ from local forecasts, since the time period used may include some hours of the previous or subsequent date on the West or East edges of the map. For local detail, consult more local maps or the local forecast.

You can visualize the country borders indicated with a thin black line.
Use the following buttons (see picture) to make the maps moving: <<, >>, play, stop. You can always see where you are in time due to the indication below the buttons.

You can also download the maps to then save it and consult it whenever you want.

Use of meteoblue maps

The meteoblue maps can be referenced by other webpages via weblinks, as well as in an i-frame in the following way:

  • for non-commercial use: freely and at no cost, by sending us a simple email and accepting our terms;
  • for commercial use, if the following conditions are followed:
    • send us an email containing your website and company address, accepting our terms;
    • clearly identify the source on your website;
    • on each page of your website showing meteoblue maps, put a link pointing directly to the meteoblue map page which you framed on our website;
    • make no more than 1 update requests per hour for the same map.

We hope that our maps enrich your weather views .