API technical documentation

The meteoblue APIs are designed to provide easy on-demand access via HTTP-URLs to all types of weather simulation data. Customers can request weather data in multiple formats or ready-to-use visualisations. The API handles requests almost instantaneously and can be integrated into automated systems, websites or applications easily.

meteoblue forecast API (data packages and images)

Within the meteoblue forecast API, various weather variables are grouped into data packages, which allows us to offer tailored products to customers.

Example for a 7-day weather forecast from the basic-1h data package for Basel:


Technical documentation:


Additional information: Help page about forecast

meteoblue history API (data packages and images)

Within the meteoblue history API, which gives you access to historical weather simulation data since 1979, various weather variables are grouped into packages.

Example for historical weather simulation data from historybasic-1h for January 2015:


Technical documentation:


Additional information: Help page about history

meteoblue weathermaps API

All maps are available through the meteoblue API and on the meteoblue website. The meteoblue API delivers the maps as graphics in the PNG format (that can be displayed for example on a webmap like Google Maps).

Example for a temperature & pressure weather map of Switzerland:


Technical documentation:


Additional information: Help page about weather maps

meteoblue location search API

For all information about the meteoblue location search API, which resolves location names and other location formats into standardised WGS84 latitude and longitude coordinates, please consult the technical documentation: Location search API.

Solar technical specification

Download the comprehensive technical specification for solar history and forecast services:



Additional information: product page for the solar energy industrial sector