Site policy

mete☼Scool is available for private, public and educational use. mete☼Scool may be used any time and free of charge by schools, universities, training centres, seminars, flight courses and other education facilities and research establishments.

The following conditions apply for the use of mete☼Scool:

  • mete☼Scool is absolutely free.
  • mete☼Scool information may be used for research and education, or private purposes;
  • mete☼Scool decides on publication of contributions which are sent to us. If contributions should remain confidential, these are to be marked expressly so.
  • mete☼Scool contributions are to be provided with name of the authors, date and if necessary references;
  • meteoblue is not obliged to publish mete☼Scool information or to update it.
  • mete☼Scool is maintained by meteoblue, under the meteoblue terms of business and privacy;
  • mete☼Scool transmits no user's data to third parties, except for the publication or forwarding of the information as agreed above.
  • meteoblue has the right to exclude users from mete☼Scool if they do not follow the terms of use.
  • mete☼Scool is updated constantly based on best knowledge and science. Nevertheless, meteoblue can, however, take no responsibility for the contents of the website.
  • If divergences between mete☼Scool content and current knowledge or between mete☼Scool use and the terms of use arise, we ask the users to point them out to us.

mete☼Scool is avaliable in German, English and French. When required other languages will be added.