Working area

Working area

Here, you can test what you learned through meteoScool. This is an opportunity to test your knowledge about the weather and some of its related topics.


The exercises focus on weather-related questions. Here, you can find exercises to solve using weather observation, forecasting and management tools.

Consumption of beverages in dependence to the temperature

Download the exercise as PDF (German):

meteoScool_Tasks_drinking_100809_DE.pdf (55.65 kB)

Airport weather

Plan a landing with the meteoblue weather forecast. To the exercise.

Quizzes (German)


meteoScoolQuiz-Anfaenger1.2.pdf (105.90 kB)


meteoScoolQuiz-Fortgeschritten.pdf (738.31 kB)


meteoScoolQuiz-Profi.pdf (240.59 kB)

Water cycle (German)

meteoScool_Tasks_Wasserkreislauf_DE_100812.pdf (56.71 kB)

Perception of warmth (German)

meteoScool_Tasks_Waermewahrnehmung_DE_100812.pdf (89.69 kB)