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Use of weather maps

You are on the overview of meteoblue weather maps.

Here you will be explained step by step how to store and retrieve your favorite maps quickly and easily.

Step 1: Define variables

You decide which are your desired variables. You need to know what you wish. Take kitesurfing as an example. So you are not interested in the dew point or pressure, but in the wave height and wind speed.

Step 2: Select variables

To do this, go to the right side of the page and click on "Wind, waves and sea" and then select "Significant Wave Height". You must also select "Wind Speed" at the bottom of the "No Line Plot" bar, so that you have both variables in your map.

Your map is now ready. But how do you manage now that you can retrieve this map as you like, without having to manually reset the variables every time? You make a bookmark.

Step 3: Create bookmarks

Now create bookmark in your browser. Depending on the browser and operating system, this works differently. On our help pages, we have linked instructions for creating bookmarks. In the future, you can now view the bookmark and get the appropriate map for kitesurfing.