Urban Heat Maps Widget

The Urban Heat Maps Widget from meteoblue offers you a valuable tool for enhancing both your service offerings and your users' experience by providing hyper-local, high-resolution climate insights tailored to urban environments.

With a resolution of 10 x 10 meters, this widget captures the intricate variability of air temperature and wind speeds, delivering critical weather information right to your users' doorsteps. This detailed data allows your users to make informed decisions about urban activity planning and personal comfort, such as optimising shade or improving air circulation, enhancing their quality of life.

By incorporating this widget, you can significantly increase your website's value, offering a practical tool that empowers users to contribute to a more sustainable and comfortable urban future.

Instantly integrate our our heat maps into your website or app.

Why integrate the Urban Heat Map Widget into your website?

  • Valuable climate data resource
    Offer a vital tool for identifying urban heat islands and cooler city areas for planning purposes.
  • Community service
    Provide heat maps as a public service aiding city planners and citizens in environmental decision-making.
  • Educational platform
    Become a hub for learning about urban climate phenomena and mitigation with scientific documentation.
  • User engagement
    Boost interaction as users explore urban heat data across city domains.
  • Climate awareness
    Visualise the impact of urban heat accumulation to raise awareness about climate change effects in cities.
  • Innovative technology
    Feature advanced temperature mapping that utilises satellite imagery and AI.
  • Global service
    Attract an international audience with heat map services available for any location worldwide.
  • Health & safety promotion
    Inform on health risks associated with heat waves and urban temperature differences, promoting well-being.

Instantly integrate our our heat maps into your website or app.


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