World Climate Service

In a pioneering project, meteoblue and Prescient Weather Ltd, a USA-based energy market weather and climate information services company, have joined forces to introduce the World Climate Service subseasonal climate forecasts into the meteoblue API. This product is specifically tailored to increase the accessibility and utility of available long-range ensemble forecasts. This is achieved by a machine learning based forecast calibration process and empowers users to understand the risks of different weather pattern outcomes 2 - 6 weeks into the future.

Subseasonal climate forecasts are a vital tool for the energy and agriculture industries, where accurate and advanced weather information can lead to more efficient resource management, safeguarding of assets, informed operational planning, and greater trading profitability.

This innovative effort combines World Climate Service's rigorously developed subseasonal climate forecast dataset with the meteoblue cutting-edge data fusion API technology, offering unmatched, location-specific climate insights. Together, meteoblue and the World Climate Service are setting a new standard for forecast availability and reliability, enabling professional decision-makers to navigate the increasingly variable climate with confidence and strategic foresight.