Vitimeteo – as its name suggests – is a company focusing on winegrowing. Specifically, on providing winegrowers in Europe with weather and climate data essential for their line of work. Vitimeteo has been successfully cooperating with meteoblue for over one decade.

Ronald Krause, Vitimeteo’s founder, explains: "We realised from the start that this project will be extremely challenging technologically, but the goal was clear – to provide winegrowers with state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date information. When we were looking for a partner to supply weather forecast data at the time, it was only meteoblue that was able to provide weather data for all of Europe and beyond."

Specifically, the holy grail of weather parameters was the leaf wetness index - a crucial factor for a strikingly high number of plant diseases, and meteoblue was then the only weather service able to provide this weather variable.

Mr. Krause concludes: “The meteoblue service has been always technically 100% reliable and has always delivered a top-quality forecast. Working with meteoblue was, and is, one of the best professional experiences I can think of, and we intend to continue in the future.”