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Weather forecast

The meteoblue forecast combines more than 25 different weather models to achieve the world's leading precision. Various state-of-the-art technologies are applied to combine latest observational data and weather models to achieve the highest accuracy. There is a large variety of weather variables available as 15min, hourly, 3-hourly and daily values for up to 14 days ahead.


Your favourite source of top accuracy weather information

Weather apps

Swiss precision weather forecast on your phone

Plug & Play visuals

Display stunning weather visuals on your website or TV screen


Unlock premium website features and specialised forecasts

Weather maps

Weather data visualisation has always been a core competency of meteoblue. Our iconic wind animation map was first launched in 2006, and has shaped the industry standard ever since. We have gradually expanded our weather map portfolio with innovations such as the global satellite composite launched in 2020, and now offer more freely available weather maps than any of our competitors.

Radar & Satellite

The world's best real time satellite and weather radar animation

Wind animation

Smooth visualisation of wind and temperature forecast

Weather Maps Widget

Plug & Play integration into your website

Maps API

Fully customisable integration of our stunning weather maps

Climate change

meteoblue offers several climate services, such as climate change analysis, climate prediction and climate risk assessment, for any location on Earth, using historical data and future emission scenarios to predict the climate of the future and understand the arising challenges of climate change.

Climate diagrams

The effects of climate change displayed as comprehensible diagrams


Analyse historical weather data and climate change

City Climate

Climate change monitoring for smart cities

Historical data

Gapless hourly weather data from 1940 until now

Weather APIs

The meteoblue Weather API provides access to the world's largest weather database, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of weather and environmental data in various output formats and as ready-to-use visualisations. Get a free test-access today and see for yourself how easily our API can be integrated into your system, website or application.

Free Weather API

Start your project today with our self-service API

Forecast API

Our recommended solution for integrating forecast weather data into your application

Image API

Ready to use weather and climate diagrams

Dataset API

The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data


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meteoblue provides free access to weather data for developers who would like to integrate the data into their systems and applications.

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