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meteoblue offers several climate services like climate change analysis, climate data & visuals and climate risk assessment for any location on earth using historical data and future emission scenarios to predict the climate of the future to understand the arising challenges of climate change.

Climate service offers

Climate Change Analysis > climate_change_analysis.png

Climate Change Analysis Historical climate change for any location on Earth

meteoblue uses historical data of the reanalysis model ERA5 to display the development of temperature and precipitation amount as well as their yearly and monthly anomalies from 1979 to today.

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Climate data & Visuals Understand the arising risks of climate change for any location on Earth

Climate data & Visuals shows the past and most likely future development of more than 20 variables, including air temperature, precipitation amount and wind speed based on simulation data from the IPCC report. It is available within history+ or as a customised service.

Climate risk assessment > climate_risk_assessment.png

Climate risk assessment Understanding the arising risks of climate change

meteoblue offers location-specific climate risk assessment reports that evaluate the potential risk in the future related to climate change for several climate dimensions based on a combination of post-processed IPCC climate model data and model data of the reanalysis model ERA5.

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climate+ Instant access to climate risk assessment data

climate+ provides climate prediction and risk assessment data, ideal for compliance with EU taxonomy. Access temperature and precipitation data for IPCC's four RCP scenarios (2.6, 4.5, 6.0, 8.5) at any global location, with hourly resolution up to the year 2100.


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