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What we do

Quality made in Switzerland – making a difference by making big data small

meteoblue produces top-quality weather data – for any point on land or sea in the world.

Our products range from website content and mobile apps intended for the general public, to premium subscription products designed for private users and small companies, to business solutions tailored for our business partners.

meteoblue uses cutting edge science and technology to generate, display and distribute weather data. meteoblue computes proprietary high-resolution weather simulation models.

Importantly, no single (also called “stand-alone” or “raw”) weather model is perfect. Depending on the weather situation, the location, the season, or even the time of day, one forecast might be more accurate than another.

That is why we take it one step further, and compute MultiModels. It is possible to imagine a MultiModel as an enhanced simulation model. To produce a MultiModel, we compare and contrast data from over 30 different weather models (both our own and 3rd party), and allow our proprietary artificial intelligence to combine them into the most likely forecast.

This is our approach to providing you with more than just raw weather and climate data. We offer the most accurate data on the market, tailored to the specific requirements of various use cases.

In this partnership video by Microsoft Flight Simulator, our CEO Karl G. Gutbrod and CIO Mathias D. Muller explain how our weather data are produced, and how we ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Why meteoblue?

Early history of meteoblue – the founding story

The development of the meteoblue forecast started at the University of Basel, Switzerland, in 2002 when one of our founders, Mathias Müller, created numerical operational models for Switzerland, based on the American WRF by NOAA/NCEP, as a part of his PHD program in meteorology.

With the support of the University Computing Center, the models were displayed on the University Homepage in 2004 and quickly became popular with mountaineers, hikers and other weather enthusiasts, as well as with scientific and commercial actors, who used the offer because of its higher accuracy, 3-D availability and display (today they would say UIX) uniqueness.

In 2006, meteoblue AG as a company was founded, with the aim of ensuring reliable operational forecasts. At this point, an independent commercial computing infrastructure and product development was established.

History in brief - our innovations over time

2004 First proprietary simulation model (NMM2, Switzerland) – was published on the website of the University of Basel, with 2 km spatial resolution, hourly intervals and daily updates
2005 Wind flow movie – we revolutionised weather data visualisation by adding particle animation overlay to the wind forecast map layer
2006 myMap Server – a unique tool to make your own meteorology maps – for everyone
2007 Astronomy seeing – we designed this comprehensive feature for astronomy enthusiasts, enabling them to view all necessary information in one simple chart
2008 More local domains (Europe, South America) – we added continent-wide weather models covering the aforementioned locations
2008 Global location search – first service to enable users to search for any location globally
2008 rainSPOT – meteoblue revolutionised the display of precipitation in the vicinity of the given location
2008 where2go – find the sunniest areas in your vicinity – still the only one of its kind in 2023
2009 meteoMail – was launched – a daily e-mail service
2009 More local domains (South Africa, Asia) – we added continent-wide weather models covering the aforementioned locations
2009 point+ – we unveiled our premium weather forecast service
2009 Cross-Sections – a unique diagram showing a vertical cut through thousands of kilometres of atmosphere, created for aviation and meteorology enthusiasts
2010 meteoScool – the first interactive weather- and climate-focused education program for students and educators
2010 Solar power forecasts – we developed a system of comprehensive B2B solutions for photovoltaic plants
2010 MOS forecasts for high precision requirements – we spearheaded a new high-accuracy post-processing technology for forecast and historical weather data
2010 meteo4me – the first iOS App which enabled access to the forecast for any place on Earth, including deserts and oceans
2011 Meteogram Climate – the first public climate comparison
2012 Android app – our first mobile app for Android users
2013 Weather archive – first global hourly weather history for every place in the world – started with 5 years, extended to 30 years in 2014
2014 MultiModel forecasts – first publicly available diagrams with multiple weather models
2015 Sea & Surf forecasts – we presented a new meteogram designed with all necessary information for outdoor activities close to the seashore
2015 Short-term verification diagram – the first meteogram showing users the accuracy of our forecast with actual measurements
2016 meteoblue iOS app – we built and launched our first version of the iOS app
2016 history+ – the first hourly global 30-year online weather archive for end users with data available within seconds
2017 Dynamic weather maps – the first fully zoomable web-based map interface displaying weather data via interactive weather maps
2017 Cross-Sections globally – a unique cut through thousands of kilometres of atmosphere and multiple model domains
2017 Real-time updates with observations – we improved our forecasts with observation data from more than 100'000 weather stations in real-time
2017 Risk assessment diagrams – a new set of meteograms designed to display the probability of weather-related risk
2017 meteoTV – we devised a digital signage service, tailored for publicly available screens
2018 Seasonal climate forecast – we added a forecast of climate conditions, showing the anticipated conditions for the next 6 months
2018 Dataset API – we revolutionised the weather data market by allowing access to our entire weather database via Dataset API
2018 mLM – meteoblue Learning MultiModel, a pionieering post-processing technique, comparing data from multiple forecast models against objective measurements, bringing forecasts to the highest publicly documented accuracy
2018 Package API – we launched a product for B2B clients, delivering pre-packaged weather data via a high-speed API
2019 Global satellite images – the first global high-resolution satellite imagery, displayed in our unique dynamic weather maps interface
2020 City climate services – the first real-time urban weather service designed for urban climate monitoring
2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator – meteoblue provides detailed weather data that enable uniquely realistic flying scenes
2020 Global satellite and radar composite – first seamless satellite and radar composite available globally, producing a unique weather data visualisation
2021 meteoblue Ad-free – a new way of using our features and services, without ads or any form of tracking
2021 Global Weather warnings – displaying regional weather warnings for almost all countries of the world
2022 Climate predictions – meteoblue is the first company to introduce a series of climate diagrams, displaying climate change simulations based on different IPCC climate change scenarios, available to the general public
2022 Historical satellite maps – the first service to make historical satellite maps available on a web platform – worldwide
2022 ISO-9001 certification – proving the quality of our services, organisation and staff
2023 Climate Risk Assessments – location-specific reports for climate risk from 2030-2100, fully compliant with the EU Taxonomy
2023 climate+ – fully automated, providing instant access to climate prediction data from 2021 to 2100
2023 Urban Heat Maps – the first ever live hyper-local temperature maps with 10m resolution for 80+ global metropoles
2024 New mLM – the new version of the meteoblue Learning MultiModel brings forecast accuracy to unparalleled levels for temperature, wind speed, and dew point
2024 API version 2 – making our API the most accurate and versatile in the industry, and our B2B services uniquely fast and safe