Dataset API

  • Access the world's largest weather database, featuring more than 50 datasets and over 100 distinct variables
  • Historical weather data at hourly and daily resolutions for typical and extreme years since 1940, up to the current day
  • Huge data variety: Satellite observations and weather simulations, complemented by air quality and socioeconomic data
  • Track intensity and direction of hurricanes and typhoons, historically and in real time
  • API-integrated transformations, such as aggregations and interpolations, are computed on the fly
  • Improve your business-decisions based on site comparisons, Climate data & maps and other use case specific solutions

The meteoblue Dataset API helps to optimise your project planning with weather and environmental data customised to the specific requirements of your use case.
The high-speed interface makes the API's configuration easy and allows requests for single and multiple points, as well as polygons or administrative areas. All data is constantly updated and our usage-based pricing assures that you pay only for the data you need.

Dataset API Product Description

Maximum wind speed in Italy. Comparison between the 2nd of January 2018 and 2nd of January 2021

The meteoblue Dataset API grants access to the entire meteoblue weather data archive, which is comprised of more than 100 weather variables gathered from over 50 data sources. This data can be composed and aggregated as desired via the API’s user interface.

In addition to weather data, the Dataset API also provides access to environmental data, including air quality and ocean simulations, vegetation health observations, soil characteristics, socioeconomic data and much more.

Our extensive weather database is tailored to aid in specific use cases for a variety of sectors, such as insurance, agriculture and renewable energy.

The wide range of datasets and variables is a unique feature of the meteoblue Dataset API

The availability of both historical and forecast weather data computed according to the same set of weather models provides a solid foundation for the training of machine learning algorithms. These may be used to create sophisticated, practicable forecasts for the decision-making processes in many industries, such as construction, retail or transportation.

Furthermore, observational datasets such as weather radar and satellite data are available from different sources.

The versatility of the Dataset API makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of use cases.

Dataset API Configurator

Polygons and administrative areas can be selected for map visualisations and spatial analyses

The Dataset API Configurator is the tool used to compose the data collection requests and handle the output.

After setting the parameters relating to time, location, desired data series and utilised weather model for the request, the resulting data can be downloaded in a selection of formats or displayed as a map or chart.

Alternatively, the API query corresponding to the request can be generated.

The Dataset API requires the access level Access Gold, the specific services and conditions of which can be defined in a customised agreement. Find out more about the Dataset API's pricing on the meteoblue API pricing page.

Details pertaining to the technical aspects of the API can be found in our technical documentation of the Dataset API and Dataset API Configurator.


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