Private customers

For users with specific interest in weather we offer a wide range of products like the web based point+ subscription, Widgets that can be easily integrated in your own website and mobile apps for your smartphone.


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Website Help Pages

Complementary to our FAQs (frequently asked questions), this section contains an introduction to our main website features, and detailed information about how to use them.

Website subscriptions

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history+ Analyse historical weather data and climate change

With history+ you gain immediate access to the vast meteoblue weather simulation archive, for any selected place on Earth, including unlimited downloads and access to interactive interfaces for data analysis.

  • hourly historical simulation data since 1960
  • 100% complete without gaps
  • available for the most common weather variables, such as temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction
  • interactive tools like year comparison, histogram, wind rose and risk assessment
  • unlimited downloads for one year, for the selected location(s)
  • multiple formats, such as csv and png

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With point+ , you get access to all diagrams and functions on the meteoblue website:

  • Meteogram, Meteogram SNOW, Meteogram AGRO, Meteogram AIR for 6 days
  • Soundings, Stueve, Cross-Section, Trajectories
  • Weather archive and many other functions
  • No advertising

You can subscribe to point+ for 31, 92, 183 or 365 days or get a one-time free 14 day test trial.

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Warnings API Official weather alerts from more than 100 countries

Following the single-voice principle, meteoblue distributes official weather alerts from National Weather Services, rather than issuing any warnings ourselves. Location-specific weather warnings can be retrieved via API for all countries that contribute to the Common Alert Protocol (CAP) of the WMO.

Weather Apps

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Mobile Apps

meteoblue wants to make meteorological information as useful as possible to users. In addition to our web applications, we develop and offer mobile applications. meteoblue weather Apps are free of charge. With the yearly subscription, you can enjoy:

  • App widget
  • App free of advertisement

More Options

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Website widgets Display stunning weather visualisations on your website

Would you like to bring your website to the next level by implementing top-accuracy weather data? meteoblue offers a wide range of customisable plug & play widgets.

Whether you are looking for a simple daily overview, a more detailed 3-hour visual, or weather maps – we have the right widget for you. On top of that, you can also utilise our Astronomy Seeing widget, which is a perfect source of meteorological as well as astronomical information for both amateur and professional astronomers.

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meteoTV Free Screen Display of our weather forecast

meteoTV is perfect when you need to display top-accuracy weather information on a screen. This product is perfect for hotels, cruise ships or other touristic venues as well as for reception desks at office buildings and many other use cases. Set up the screen display of accurate weather information within minutes and completely free of charge.

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The meteoblue 5-day meteogram provides essential weather information for the variables Temperature, Precipitation and Wind, summarised in 3 simple graphs. You can embed the 5-day meteogram into your own website with the attached HTML code on our website. In doing so, you agree to our non-commercial conditions described above.