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Enhance your digital space with the dynamic meteoblue weather widgets

Tailored for diverse platforms, from personal blogs to business sites, our tools offer versatile, customisable weather data visualisations to engage and inform your audience.

Elevate user experience, boost SEO, and drive traffic with our free, easy-to-integrate widgets. Whether for travel, commerce, or community building, meteoblue widgets transform your site into a hub of valuable, location-specific weather insights.

Display stunning weather visualisations on your website for free.

Why integrate our widgets into your website?

  • Dynamic content
    Enhance your website or app with dynamic and informative weather features to captivate visitors.
  • Versatile implementation
    Implement the widget seamlessly into any web interface, be it commercial or non-commercial, adding value to your site.
  • Personalised experience
    Customise your widget, from background to location search, to meet your specific needs and match your brand identity.
  • Boost the SEO value
    Improve your search engine rankings by regularly updating weather content.
  • Enhance user engagement
    Increase visitor time on your site with interactive weather updates.
  • Increase sales
    Drive up sales of weather-dependent products and services.
  • Localise your content
    Personalise user experiences with location-specific weather information.
  • Drive repeat visits
    Ensure users return by providing geo-contextual weather or traffic information.
  • Reduce bounce rate
    Keep users engaged with constantly updated weather data, lowering page bounce rates.
  • Cross-promotional opportunities
    Utilise the widget to cross-promote related products or services.
  • Enable informed decisions
    Use weather insights to guide purchases of seasonal goods or travel plans.
  • Community building
    Foster a sense of community by enabling users to share weather-related updates or photos.

Free Plug & Play visuals

Weather Maps Widget > Screenshot-maps_widget-160124.png

Weather Maps Widget Enhance your site with high precision weather maps, real-time radar & satellite, and seamless wind animation

  • Adaptive Location: Choose between automatically selected and customised location
  • Layer Choice: Tailor maps to show desired weather details
  • Custom Units: Set preferred units for temperature and wind speed
  • Fit to Size: Adjust widget dimensions and zoom for perfect site integration

Daily Weather Widget > widget-day_two_columns_of_four.png

Daily Weather Widget Display daily weather forecasts for the next seven days

  • Adaptive Location: Choose between automatically selected and customised location
  • Forecast Range: Select the desired forecast period
  • Unit Preferences: Set your preferred units for temperature and wind speed
  • Personalised Display: Show or hide specific details, change colours, and select backgrounds for a unique look

3h Weather Widget > widget-3h_lightbox.png

3h Weather Widget Get detailed forecasts every three hours for the next 4-7 days

  • Adaptive Location: Choose between automatically selected and customised location
  • Display Customisation: Enhance the look with multiple background options
  • Forecast Range: Select your desired forecast period, from 4 to 7 days
  • Unit Preferences: Set your preferred units for temperature and wind speed

Astronomy Widget > widget_seeing_two_columns_of_four.png

Astronomy Widget Show an overview of key astronomy weather variables for the next night

  • Adaptive Location: Choose between automatically selected and customised location
  • Size Customisation: Opt for the default size or a compact version without temperature and humidity details

meteoTV > meteotv_thumb.png

meteoTV Show weather data on your digital signage screen for free

  • Ideal for Various Venues: Perfect for hotels, cruise ships, touristic sites, and office reception areas
  • Quick Setup: Easily set up top-accuracy weather information on any screen in minutes, at no cost
  • Versatile Use: Tailored for a wide range of applications, enhancing visitor and client experiences

Conditions of use

  • The widget must be used as configured: do not alter the "src" attribute of the iframe, or remove the link to meteoblue.
  • The widget must link to This is done automatically by using the HTML code provided on the configuration page.
  • The content of data shown by the widget may not be collected automatically in any way. Information provided by the widget cannot be used to generate own products or visualisations. meteoblue provides the weather API for such purposes.
  • The requirement of information under § 9.0 of our terms is fulfilled by using the widget according to instructions.
  • The widget may be displayed only on websites that adhere to our terms, especially § 9.07.

Commercial offers

Our widgets are designed as a simple plug & play solution. If you require more complex weather data products, make sure to see the wide range of our more advanced products on our Business Solutions page.

Premium Weather Widget > Screenshot-premium_widget-DH-150524_thumb.png

Premium Weather Widget Professional weather data visualisation for your website

Seamlessly integrate accurate weather data into your website to enhance the website's functionality. Customise the widget to match your website's look. Make it more dynamic and informative with high-quality weather data.

Urban Heat Maps Widget > Screenshot-Heat_maps_widget-DH-150524_thumb.png

Urban Heat Maps Widget Display most comfortable zones in your city during the next heatwave

Integrate high-resolution temperature data into your website to display the coolest and hottest spots within your city offering invaluable insights for individuals.

meteoblue weather API > api-overview.png

meteoblue weather API

Our weather API interface allows on-demand access, using HTTP queries, to a wide range of weather raw data and visualisations.

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