Weather APIs

  • Gapless hourly weather data from 1979 and up to 14 days ahead for any location worldwide
  • Highest accuracy forecasting by combining various weather models, observations and measurements with proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Improve your project management based on weather maps, images and raw data for land, sea and various levels of the atmosphere
  • Attractive entry offers, flexible price models and highest reliability are acknowledged by customers from more than 50 countries

The meteoblue Weather API provides access to the world's largest weather database, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of weather and environmental data in various output formats and as ready-to-use visualizations.

Get a free test-access today and see for yourself how easily our API can be integrated into your system, website or application.

For pricing examples, detailed information on the access levels, meteoblue credits, support levels and license conditions please consult our API pricing page.

Details pertaining to the technical aspects of the API and its features can be found in our technical documentation.

Available Weather APIs

Packages API > jsondata.png

Packages API Our recommended solution to integrate weather data in your application

meteoblue offers numerous weather variables which are grouped into history and forecast packages. There are different packages for specific use cases like agriculture, renewable energy and many others. The data packages are available for different historical and forecasting time-ranges in the CSV and JSON formats.

Dataset API > agro-site-assessment_lightbox.png

Dataset API The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data

The Dataset API gives access to the world largest weather database with more than 50 different datasets and hundreds of variables. Climate predictions and site comparisons based on typical and extreme years provide help in securing long term investments.

Maps API > web-maps_one_column_of_three.png

Maps API Fully customizable integration of our stunning weather maps

With the Maps API you can get access to innovative weather maps that cover the whole world with a wide range of weather data overlays, including temperature, precipitation, pressure and many more. Furthermore, the Maps plugin offers stunning animations for wind, satellite images and weather radar.

Images API > meteogram-14-days_one_column_of_four.png

Images API Ready to use Weather and Climate diagrams

meteoblue offers thousands of images from different categories, that can easily be integrated. These images can be individually customised as they are available in many languages for any location on Earth. meteoblue climate diagrams show seasonal climate patterns of any specific location worldwide. Thus, these images are perfect to assess the seasonal weather conditions.

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Instant access to the most commonly used weather data forecast packages. Uniquely accurate hourly data for up to 14 days ahead.