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By registering on additional to basic conttent, you will be able to:

  • Save and manage your own location favourites
  • Test point+ for 14 days and enjoy the premium content
  • Subscribe to meteoblue newsletter
  • Subscribe to meteoMail, weather forecast sent to your inbox daily
  • Configure meteoTV, meteoblue forecasts on your screens (TV or PC)
  • Take a part in writing weather reports
  • Share weather photos from your location

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With point+ , you get access to all diagrams and functions on the meteoblue website:

  • Meteogram, Meteogram SNOW, Meteogram AGRO, Meteogram AIR for 6 days
  • Soundings, Stueve, Cross-Section, Trajectories
  • Weather archive and many other functions
  • No advertising

You can subscribe to point+ for 31, 92, 183 or 365 days or get a one-time free 14 day test trial.

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With history+ you gain immediate access to the vast meteoblue weather simulation archive, for any selected place on Earth, including unlimited downloads and access to interactive interfaces for data analysis.

  • hourly historical simulation data since 1979
  • 100% complete without gaps
  • available for the most common weather variables, such as temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction
  • interactive tools like year comparison, histogram, wind rose and risk assessment
  • unlimited downloads for one year, for the selected location(s)
  • multiple formats, such as csv and png

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Get daily weather forecasts by email for free. meteoMail is free of charge and can be unsubscribed at any time. With a few clicks:

  • Login/Register
  • Search and choose the desired location.
  • Select which time of the day you want to receive the email.

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