Top precision

meteoblue provides the best documented weather forecast on the web. Here is how you can confirm it:

  1. meteoblue shows the best and most complete weather simulation statistics on the web. No other weather forecast provider shows you as much about their modelling quality as we do. The data can be viewed on our verification page.
  2. meteoblue users check our forecasts daily - and they like them, because of their reliability - see what our users say.
  3. We improve our forecasts continuously - based on cutting edge science.
  4. meteoblue clients know what they receive - see our client list.
  5. meteoblue is a pioneer in technology - first provider of wind animations, rainSPOT and where2Go.
  6. Check yourself: we give you more weather forecast and history data for any place in the world, more precision and more details than anyone else, for free.

meteoblue is weather - and more!

meteoblue weather is different from any other weather services!

  • Everywhere
    • meteoblue shows you the weather at every spot on Earth: e.g. in the city or the countryside, in the mountains or in the plains, on land and at sea and even in the clouds. meteoblue is always close to you.
  • Everything
    • meteoblue shows you the weather in every single form: simple weather symbols, precision meteograms, rainSPOT, maps, wind animations for weather forecast and observations, comments and archives for weather history. meteoblue has a unique range of weather choices for you.
  • Everyone
    • meteoblue offers the widest range of weather forecasts free of charge for everyone worldwide. Mobile services allow you to access meteoblue services from anywhere. You can learn what displaces the weather with meteoScool. And the large range of meteoblue products allows you to add weather to your own systems, in various personalised ways. meteoblue gives the best weather to you.

Why meteoblue?

  • Top quality
    • Experience by yourself the meteoblue high resolution forecasts, for example in Central Europe.
  • Top local content
    • Get your point forecast for your location and check out our precomputed maps and diagrams.
  • Top coverage
  • Top science
    • We extract our local forecasts from our own physics-based simulations, using world-class weather models that have been adapted in international cooperation for high resolution calculation. Other providers depend on historical weather station data to achieve local accuracy, valid only near those weather stations.
  • Top value for money
    • We provide affordable products tailored to your needs.
meteoblue temperature forecast (3 Km resolution)

meteoblue temperature forecast (3 Km resolution)

Standard temperature forecast (40 Km resolution)

Standard temperature forecast (40 Km resolution)