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meteoblue iPhone and Android App

The meteoblue App for iOS and Android shows high precision weather forecasts combined with a beautiful, simple and easy to use design. Weather forecasts can be consulted for any place on land or sea, using location search by text or coordinates, easily and comfortably, putting the weather on the entire Earth within your reach.

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Mobile website

We offer our weather Apps for specific purposes and where the bandwidth for transmission is a limitation. To retrieve comprehensive meteoblue weather forecasts and our entire website offer, we recommend the use of our website We also develop our website continuously to better suit all mobile smartphone platforms.

If you want to open our mobile site similar to an app, you can integrate it as a widget on your home screen.


Our apps are also developed for tablets or you can use our mobile website to access our entire offer. We have optimised both options for tablets to the point that all the displays should be easy to operate.


For bug reports, further developments and instructions, you can send us screenshots as an email to [email protected].