Free Weather API

  • Free instant access to Swiss precision weather forecasts for non-commercial use
  • A diverse selection of weather variables available for any location worldwide
  • Easily accessible weather forecast data, 7 or 14 days ahead
  • Forecasts based on proprietary nowcasting and machine learning technology

Access to our Free Weather API is granted through API+, which allows immediate retrieval of meteoblue’s top accuracy forecast data.

Forecasts for up to 14 days ahead, as well as historical weather data for the past 4 days can be accessed in this way. Our configuration interface allows you to change the time zone, location, preferred format, units, forecast and history length, according to your needs.

Features of the Free Weather API for non-commercial use

  • Access for up to one year
    Requests for longer durations handled individually
  • 15 Mio. credits
    e.g. 5 basic-1h calls/day on 365 days
  • Large variety of forecast data packages with hundreds of different weather variables

To access our free trial for the Weather API you need an account on our website, you can register a free account on

Once your account is registered, please state that you accept our terms for non-commercial use and send us additional project information as requested (refer to terms list for details).

If you would like to try API+ before requesting access for your non-commercial project, a one-month trial without obligations is available here.

Our Free Weather API offer is limited to be used for non-commercial use cases, meaning all undertakings without direct profit purposes. The following are cases of non-commercial use:

  • Any Website with less than 100 visitors per day
  • Any Website which makes less than 50 individual data requests to the public information available on the meteoblue website per day
  • Personal consultations or research, recommendations to friends
  • Local small community weather monitoring; family, club or society website
  • Individual weather observations and storm chasing
  • Social welfare, disaster relief, non-profit organisation

For a project to qualify as non-commercial use, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Direct link from the non-commercial page which includes the weather content from meteoblue to, set so as to display the weather for the same location as the source page.
  • For publications, a quote of meteoblue as a source with reference to and a PDF copy of the publication sent to within 3 months after the publication.
  • For use within private systems: A short description (at least 30 words) about the type of intended use.
  • For use within private energy managements systems or for comparison of data from different sources: a report about the results (energy saving, other benefits) within 12 months after reception of access to data (minimum 1 page, with data).
  • May not be used on media containing content which is illegal, racist, discriminating, or X-rated (offensive to youths).
  • Must adhere to our terms. meteoblue reserves the right to request additional information and evaluate eligibility of requests on a case-by-case basis.

More free offers


If you want to integrate weather forecasts into your own website, the meteoblue Widgets might be a suitable solution for you.


The meteoblue 5-day meteogram provides essential weather information for the variables Temperature, Precipitation and Wind, summarised in 3 simple graphs.
You can embed the 5-day meteogram into your own website with the attached HTML code on our website. In doing so, you agree to our non-commercial conditions described above.


If you want to display weather forecast on a public screen, the meteoblue meteoTV might be a suitable solution for you.