City Climate

Precision tools for long-term urban climate health

metoblue City Climate is a product suite aimed at providing decision-makers with cost-effective, evidence-based measures of identifying and mitigating the challenges brought about by the changing climate, leveraging Machine Learning, advanced IoT sensor technology and a robust urban climate model validated through extensive research and collaborations with international universities.

  • Raise heat awareness with attractive and comprehensive visualisations, highlighting local temperature distribution
  • Improve your decision-making process by enabling a hyperlocal digital twin for your city
  • Optimise heat stress adaptation strategies by comparing different town planning scenarios
  • Easily integrate your IoT weather station network for real-time monitoring and validation
  • Profit from our expertise: Proven concept, documented accuracy, extensive experience in urban climate monitoring

The tools described here are available individually or as part of the full meteoblue City Climate Monitoring system, comprising the installation of a comprehensive IoT measuring network, real-time heat mapping, tailored climate adaptation recommendations, and effectiveness monitoring, and ensuring long-term sustainable urban climate management.

Smart digital solutions for your city

Heat Maps Widget

Instantly integrate our heat maps into your website or application, free of charge

Heat Wave Management

Enable accurate heat wave monitoring and notifications based on hyperlocal simulations

IoT Station network

Assure accurate heat monitoring and measurement quality of your city weather station

Climate adaptation

Optimise climate change adaptation with precise analyses of your city microclimate

Hyperlocal digital twin - showcase for Zurich

Our global heat monitor provides urban heat maps for cities all over the world

The rapidly increasing number of heat-related deaths dramatically illustrates how the intricate balance of land use has become a pressing issue, especially as urban landscapes continue to expand and more people are moving from rural areas to cities every day. Heat waves are among the most dangerous natural hazards and especially vulnerable groups need to be protected from heat stress.

The meteoblue Urban Heat Maps provide hyperlocal forecasts designed specifically for city environments, providing both residents and town planners with the tools to assess the impact of climate change adaptation measures, such as the targeted introduction of green spaces into an urban environment.

Our heat maps demonstrate where small changes can make a big difference. By offering detailed meteorological insights and predictions, the meteoblue Urban Heat Maps enable urban developers, businesses, and inhabitants alike to make informed decisions towards an enhanced quality of life in the city.

Such targeted actions contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable urban future, helping urban communities to flourish in spite of a changing climate.

Our heat maps offer the following upgrade options:

  • Forecast the next 7 days
  • Hyperlocal wind animation
  • Real time precipitation radar
  • Heat stress index
  • IoT station network connection

Cities with active meteoblue City Climate Monitoring systems

This project has received funding from European Union's "Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme" under the Grant Agreement 101004112.

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Climate change - Assess the potential risks of climate scenarios

Climate risk assessment

Understand the arising risks of climate change and ensure compliance with EU requirements

Climate data & Visuals

Analyse the potential risks of climate change for specific regions or locations

Climate diagrams

The effects of climate change displayed as comprehensible diagrams


Instantly access climate data and visualisations


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