Meteo & Climate Services

Understand the complexity of weather data and how to manage them

Services for smart cities

City Climate Climate change monitoring for smart cities

The new meteoblue city climate monitoring system enables cities within less than a year to develop an affordable infrastructure to precisely measure, forecast and model their city climate, to serve as basis for their population, their decision makers, or planners.

Historical weather data – Analyse historical weather data and climate change

history+ locations Analyse historical weather data and climate change

This unique tool for risk assessment and year comparison brings site assessment to a new level. It is available as cheap entry offer through our website or as a business service (with high volume discounts) on request.

One time history > one_time_history.png

One time history Get time series for any weather variables from 1979 up to today

We can provide a wide range of weather variables and datasets like weather models, satellite and radar observations or reanalysis as a one-time service based on Dataset API (which is for recurring requests).

Measurements > measurements.png

Measurements Access time series of more than 100’000 weather stations worldwide

Weather stations provide measurement data for Temperature, Precipitation, Wind speed and -direction (other variables on request) in hourly or daily resolution.

Measurement Quality Assurance > measurement_qa.png

Measurement Quality Assurance Access to quality-controlled measurements of more than 100’000 weather stations worldwide

This tool enables access to a quality-controlled measurement dataset. Four features are considered in this tool:

  • Same timestamp for all your stations
  • Quality control of main meteorological variables (i.e., air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity, radiation) based on scientific methods
  • Gapfilling based on stations nearby and weather models
  • Data homogenization to correct for potential biases with respect to a WMO standard

For recurring history requests, see our API options

Dataset API > agro-site-assessment_lightbox.png

Dataset API The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data

The Dataset API gives access to the world largest weather database with more than 50 different datasets and hundreds of variables. Climate predictions and site comparisons based on typical and extreme years provide help in securing long term investments.

Packages API > jsondata.png

Packages API Our recommended solution to integrate weather data in your application

meteoblue offers numerous weather variables which are grouped into history and forecast packages. There are different packages for specific use cases like agriculture, renewable energy and many others. The data packages are available for different historical and forecasting time-ranges in the CSV and JSON formats.

Site specific weather forecast (MOS/mLM)

Weather station mLM  > weather_station_mlm.png

Weather station mLM Site specific forecast learning based on your measurements

Based on the measurements of the last months, our proprietary artificial intelligence finds the best model combination for each weather station, adapted to the microclimatic situation and according to the actual weather conditions.

Renewable Energy MOS > simulation-quality_one_column_of_three.jpg

Renewable Energy MOS Plant specific forecast trained on your measurements

MOS (Model output statistics) is the technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using statistics of local historical or current weather measurements. The MOS service substantially improves the accuracy of the forecast data for temperature, radiation, wind speed and renewable power generation (other variables can be specified on request). Microclimatic of site specific conditions like seasonal fog, shading or spectral sensitivity are accurately forecasted when PV MOS was implemented.

Real time monitoring

Virtual Weather Stations (vWS) > virtual_weather_stations.png

Virtual Weather Stations (vWS) Highest accuracy from 1979 up to 14 days ahead

A virtual weather station provides the most accurate weather data for any location worldwide on an hourly basis without any delay. It therefore combines multiple data sources in real time with latest post-processing technologies.

Solar Nowcasting > solar_nowcasting.png

Solar Nowcasting Real-time monitoring of smart homes and solar energy systems

Benchmark the performance of your measurement data or solar system comparing it to the satellite or other observational data of the last days or months.

Climate change

Climate Prediction > Climate_risk_assesment_london_temp.png

Climate Prediction Understand the arising risks of climate change for any location on Earth

The meteoblue Climate Prediction shows the past and most likely future development of more than 20 variables, including air temperature, precipitation amount and wind speed based on simulation data from the IPCC report. It is available within history+ or as a customized service.

Validation reports > validation_reports.png

Validation reports Assess the forecast accuracy for your specific use case

We provide localized forecast validation analysis reports for various meteorological parameters, so you can assess the accuracy more specifically than our global.