Solar Energy > solar.png

Solar Energy

Power generation of solar systems is determined by radiation. The high spatial resolution of the meteoblue models allows a precise parameterization of clouds and atmospheric water. We offer data for production site analysis as well as site and area specific solar power forecast.

Wind energy > wind.png

Wind energy

meteoblue forecast domains provide high resolution weather data over large areas. Thus, our models resolve local wind systems, by the land-sea winds or flow patterns controlled by topography. We offer services adapted for energy business..

Agriculture > agriculture.png


Weather is a key factor determining agricultural productivity, as well as field work, harvesting, transport and processing. meteoblue high resolution weather forecasts are available for any place on Earth - no matter how far from the next weather station.

Automotive > auto.png


Modern cars integrate more and more digital information and prototypes are already self-driving. Precise weather data is substantial for road safety and furthermore enhance the comfort in your vehicle. Use our weather API and road ice warnings, weather along your planned route or just the best spot for todays trip are implemented directly into the cockpit of your car.

Media & Websites > media.png

Media & Websites

We offer solutions for the app & web development, and also for print media and TV, as well as an individual widget for websites and homepages. Through the API, clients can access the meteoblue forecasts with direct http-queries.

This allows you to create your own smartphone or tablet app with the high quality forecasts of meteoblue, which are globally available, using state of the art technologies.

Building management > building-management.png

Building management

Integrate the meteoblue weather forecasts in your house management system to control your heating or shutters and to increase efficiency of your smart home. The data are suitable for private smart homes but also for complex buildings.

Outdoor & Sports > outdoorsports.png

Outdoor & Sports

Plan your sport activities like hiking, rock climbing, surfing, sailing, skiing and others with the help of our high resolution weather models that are capable of simulating the exact weather conditions around mountains and along seaside. Clear graphical illustrations (like meteograms and other images) help to assess the weather conditions for the best planning of any outdoor activity within the next days or months at any destination worldwide.

Transport & Logistics > logistics.png

Transport & Logistics

Weather conditions highly influence shipping logistics and road conditions and are playing a key role in professional traffic flow management. Precise information about the expected sea or road conditions are of major importance for the efficient management of your global logistics.

Our risk assessment tools and weather warnings will help you to save cost, reduce risk and optimise your activities like winter road maintenance, transportation schedules and many more.

Air Traffic > air-traffic.png

Air Traffic

meteoblue simulation models offer full spatial coverage in different height levels, which is especially interesting for aviators. Minimise the risk along your flight route by having the essential information at hand:

Wind speed and direction, thunderstorms exact position and atmospheric layering stability and many other variables. Combined with real time observations of any airport worldwide, we offer all information needed for professional flight planning.