Air Navigation

Swiss-based Air Navigation, founded by CEO Johann Huguenin, has developed the widely-used Air Navigation Pro app, featuring an extensive aeronautical database and SmartChart technology for over 350,000 pilots worldwide (as of 2023). In a quest for continuous improvement, the company partnered with meteoblue, integrating top-precision weather data into the app.

This collaboration provides aviators with critical weather variables, enhancing flight decisions and increasing safety and efficiency. The partnership with meteoblue solidifies Air Navigation Pro's position as a leader in the aviation industry.

In this partnership video by Air Navigation, the use and display of meteoblue data within the Air Navigation Pro app is shown.

Customer success story:
Air Navigation Pro and meteoblue: A Soaring Partnership in Aviation

The Swiss-based IT company Air Navigation, founded by CEO Johann Huguenin in 2008, has developed a powerful application for pilots, Air Navigation Pro. Initially created for Mr. Huguenin's own usage, the app has grown exponentially and is now used by over 350,000 pilots worldwide, relying on its extensive features, including a complete aeronautical database and SmartChart technology. Among its many accomplishments, Air Navigation has established a partnership with Airbus and recently launched a new weather feature in collaboration with meteoblue, a Swiss company specialising in producing and delivering top-accuracy weather data.

Air Navigation's core values of innovation, passion, reliability, integrity, and respect have shaped the development of its top-notch aeronautical application. The company's commitment to embracing change and adapting to the needs of the moment has made it an industry leader. The passionate and highly motivated team at Air Navigation are experts in their field, focusing on providing intuitive solutions for their clients.

In its quest for continuous improvement, Air Navigation sought a partnership with meteoblue to enhance the weather features of Air Navigation Pro. meteoblue is known for its top-precision weather forecasts for any location, whether on land or at sea. This collaboration has greatly benefited the users of Air Navigation Pro, who now have access to critical weather variables necessary for aviation, such as wind speed, wind direction, wind gusts, air pressure, cloud cover, precipitation, cloud base, ground visibility, and radar data. All these variables can be displayed on a map and on a 3D globe, providing pilots with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The partnership between Air Navigation and meteoblue has not only solidified their respective positions as pioneers in the field and innovators on the market, but it has also created a more comprehensive and powerful tool for pilots. By integrating the meteoblue top-precision weather data into Air Navigation Pro, pilots can now make better-informed decisions about their flight plans, increasing both efficiency and safety.

Airbus, the world's leading aviation company, has also recognized the value of Air Navigation Pro. Through their partnership, a specially developed application has been integrated into Airbus helicopters, further demonstrating the company’s versatility and adaptability within the aviation industry.

The success of Air Navigation Pro can be attributed to the dedicated team of passionate pilots and developers who work tirelessly to improve the app and add new features. The collaboration with meteoblue is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and its drive to provide the best possible solutions for its users.

In an industry where safety, efficiency, and accurate information are paramount, Air Navigation Pro has become an indispensable tool for pilots across the globe. The partnership with meteoblue has only strengthened the app's position in the market, and the future looks bright for both companies as they continue to innovate and collaborate in the field of aviation.

As Air Navigation continues to evolve and grow, its dedication to its core values of innovation, passion, reliability, integrity, and respect will ensure its ongoing success. With the support of the meteoblue weather data and the continued collaboration between the two companies, Air Navigation Pro is poised to remain a leader in the aviation industry and an essential tool for pilots worldwide.