Established in 2007, MarineTraffic has become the world's leading provider of ship tracking and maritime intelligence. Recently acquired by global trade analytics platform Kpler, as part of a deal that also included FleetMon, MarineTraffic is now looking to expand its already impressive AIS network and improve its vessel tracking offering.

Their core service revolves around monitoring vessel movements using data from a vast network of coastal AIS-receiving stations, supplemented by satellite receivers. They apply advanced algorithms and integrate multiple data sources to deliver actionable insights to the shipping, trade, and logistics industries worldwide.

meteoblue has been partnering with MarineTraffic, supplying top-accuracy, reliable, and dependable weather data. This essential information integration has enhanced the MarineTraffic platform, ensuring their customers receive the most reliable maritime intelligence, thereby significantly contributing to efficiency and environmental impact reduction in the maritime ecosystem.

Customer success story:
Weathering the storm: The partnership between MarineTraffic and meteoblue

As a global leader in maritime intelligence and ship tracking, MarineTraffic has always prioritized providing the most accurate and actionable information to its customers. Their innovative solutions have revolutionized the way shipping, trade, and logistics industries operate by offering unprecedented insights into shipping activity. MarineTraffic, now Kpler after the acquisition alongside FleetMon, aims to enhance its vessel tracking services and expand its AIS network.

However, given the inherent unpredictability of maritime environments, delivering trustworthy data extends far beyond tracking ship movements. To truly add value to their customers, MarineTraffic understood the importance of integrating reliable and high-precision weather data into their service offerings. This is where meteoblue, a renowned Swiss weather data company, entered the picture.

MarineTraffic, with its vision to create a more transparent and robust shipping ecosystem, found the ideal partner in meteoblue. Recognized for its top-accuracy, reliable, and dependable weather data, meteoblue was perfectly positioned to augment the MarineTraffic offerings. With meteoblue's solutions integrated into their system, MarineTraffic could now provide meteorological information to its customers that was as dependable as its ship tracking data.

The synergy between the two companies was evident. The enhanced solution not only improved the reliability of the information provided but also directly contributed to the MarineTraffic mission of driving efficiency and reducing environmental impact. With the addition of meteoblue's weather data, MarineTraffic was able to offer its customers a more comprehensive and useful maritime intelligence platform.

The partnership between MarineTraffic and meteoblue has been nothing short of a success. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, proving that when two industry leaders join forces, the result is a service that exceeds expectations and sets new standards in the sector.

Through this successful partnership, MarineTraffic continues to uphold its commitment to consistently exceed expectations and set bold goals. Their cooperation with meteoblue is an integral part of their strategy to maintain their status as the leading global ship tracking intelligence platform, demonstrating the power of combining data, technology, and commitment to innovation.