meteoblue does not only engage with clients and partners directly, but also collaborate with a network of dedicated distributors who help us extend our reach in specific regions. This approach fosters stronger connections through local language communication, resulting in enhanced user experiences. Via working with our trusted distributors, we are able to offer personalised support, tailored solutions, and in-depth expertise, ultimately bringing added value to our end users.

Discover our list of distinguished distributors below, complete with brief descriptions.


MeteoArena S.R.L. was created in 2008 with the aim of merging attention to the environment and the creation of value for meteorological information. The services integrate meteorological data with the know-how acquired over years of experience in order to serve various markets including wind energy, photovoltaic energy, hydrology, transport, nowcasting, training, meteorological surveys, and measurement campaigns. MeteoArena products are created from a multi-year partnership with meteoblue, of which MeteoArena is the sole representative for Italy, and range from weather forecast data to historical weather data, and from meteograms to weather maps.

Meteo Bulgaria

Since 2014, Meteo Bulgaria Ltd. has been a trusted official partner of meteoblue, providing top-quality weather data services in Bulgaria. Collaborating with local partners across various industries like software development, media, agriculture, and renewable energy, Meteo Bulgaria has established a diverse and robust business network. For businesses located in Bulgaria seeking accurate weather data services, Meteo Bulgaria Ltd. offers bespoke solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Leveraging the meteoblue high-quality weather data helps and devises in order to implement the ideal solution for businesses.


A cooperation between MediaCentre and meteoblue has been established with the goal of assisting Brazil's agriculture sector. The goal is to help Brazilian farmers access crucial weather data. Through their collaborative efforts, they have created a platform called "Clima no Campo" (in English “Weather in the Field”), which aims to empower farmers across the whole territory of Brazil with accurate, reliable, and real-time weather information. The platform represents a significant step forward in the agricultural sector of Brazil. By combining the meteoblue cutting-edge weather forecasting technology and expertise with MediaCentre's extensive network and local knowledge, the platform provides farmers with invaluable insights that enable them to make informed decisions, to optimise crop management practices, as well as to mitigate weather-related risks.