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On this page you can find links to news articles about meteoblue. We have carefully selected the most interesting and varied ones from media across the globe. This way you can explore how meteoblue is perceived by both general and niche media (such as automotive, outdoor, or technology), and thereby gain a complex perspective of our company. The selection of the articles was updated in October 2022 and includes articles that were max. 3 years old at the time.

The bank effect and the big boat blocking the Suez
Financial Times, 2021
"According to meteoblue, which provides weather data to apps and corporate clients, winds peaked above 30mph at the Suez Protectorate on Wednesday, not far from the Ever Given."
Tons of Microsoft Flight Simulator players have been visiting Hurricane Ian
Game Reactor, 2022
"Microsoft Flight Simulator simulates not only the geographical layout of Earth in an extremely accurate manner, but can even simulate real, live weather conditions using the meteoblue weather monitoring system."
Rising global heat waves: A new normal or climate emergency
India Today, 2022
"According to data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), collated by meteoblue, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Shimla and Guwahati have experienced a sharp temperature rise, especially in early summer."
Are the Himalayas doomed to melt? Temperature anomalies in Shimla, Uttarkashi point to grim future
India Today, 2021
"A seasonal forecast provides climate characteristics such as mean values or anomalies for an entire month. Anomalies are deviations from the climatological mean. Data come from major centres and institutions of the world, including the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). meteoblue collated these data into a Super-Ensemble (ENSEMBLE) that is "more likely to be correct than a forecast from a Single Institution."
Open Robotics to provide world-class open-source simulator for ASPIRE’s MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge
Zawya, 2022
"The technology will incorporate historic weather data from the Swiss firm meteoblue for the upcoming phase of the competition, which will see semi-finalists complete inspection and intervention tasks in simulation."
Microsoft Flight Simulator's cloud debut comes with upsides for devs
Game Developer, 2022
"Microsoft Flight Simulator already talks to those Azure servers, and uses data from Bing, meteoblue, and Flightaware to create the realistic, always-updating model of planet Earth that players can cruise across."
What is a Climate Zone?
Green Matters, 2022
"According to meteoblue, the Earth is split into four main climate zones: tropical, subtropical, temperate, and cold. All four zones are described in detail below."