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A large number of people use meteoblue forecasts to plan their weather-depending activities, sometimes as accurately as hour-to-hour. We appreciate your contributions: Your criticism helps us to improve our products and services. Your praise helps us keep them. Here are some comments received, with thanks to the authors for the permission to use it here:


  • You're the very Best of all the Wx sites I've seen. I used to be a Weather briefer. 30.12.2021
  • Thanks, perfect your job!!!! Thanks for free [offer] in December!! Cya. DF, 24.12.2021
  • Thank you all for your efforts to find out all the weather and climate details. 07.11.2021
  • Dear Meteoblue, Greetings! I just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude and appreciation for developing such a user-friendly and all-around amazing weather app. I am a teacher, and also a weather enthusiast and student, so having a quality weather app on my phone is very important. Meteoblue does that beautifully! Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated. Best wishes, Will Robertson, Maryland, USA, 23.10.2021
  • Indeed, meteopink was a welcomed April fool's prank. Also, while reading some of the comments, I couldn't agree more with the one about meteo...green :) me likey! Thank you for the accurate weather you provide and for being part of my life in the past many years. 02.04.2021
  • I highly value your application in content and very reliable data. Joan, 06.02.2021
  • I find this app very helpful and accurate. Another question, can I use your images in WhatsApp, I have a group of farmers that your app will be very helpful, I live in Costa Rica and we have different microclimates, our national climate office usually don’t give that much climate updates, I used to see the satellites images in the NHC, but now they referred to others pagesthat didn’t offer good feedback of oir region, that when I find your app, it is the first thing I open in the morning, very helpful and good info. Diego Gutierrez Victory, 08.11.2020
  • I would like to say I use your weather site every day and I think it is incredible the amount of measurements and details that are provided here, along with the high accuracy of forecasts. Oliver, 12.06.2019.
  • You are the most brilliant and near accurate forecasters of all. I watch several sites all the time, but know that you always are the most accurate. Well done. Hugo Van-Manen, 23.08.2018

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  • Pretty reasonable forecasts for our area, thank you, especially as it is not a huge metropole where your forecasting instrumentation would be of greater commercial importance. Colin Jennings, 23.09.2022
  • Very good and accurate in Greece, 20.08.2022
  • This is the second time that I procured data from meteoblue, and I am still impressed by the efficiency of the service. Chris Albertyn, 19.08.2022
  • Well done, Meteoblue! 21.07.2022
  • Congratulations of your certification. I worked for an org that recently acquired theres.. Your next step is the further and continuance process.. Good luck. Jeff, 21.07.2022
  • Hi. My location is Sydney Australia. My husband & I are scuba divers and I am into astrophotography. Your website provides very accurate, up to date information for us to act upon. Thank you for providing this service. 15.07.2022
  • Hello to all at Meteoblue, This feature [Weather anomaly] is very accurate indeed - I can tell you from where I am [in the Steppes of Northern sahara in central Algeria] that it is unusually hot with sustained southern wind [Shhayli as it is called locally], I - wholeheartedly - thank you for enabling this great weather service, an essential tool for many around the world, Many thanks and keep up the good work, Seid in Algeria, 07.06.2022
  • Impressive site and since I have a wx station within just hundreds of feet I have been monitoring your details in comparison. Considering the dynamics of coast weather here in this area the general accuracy is high. I am extremely impressed with the weather maps and their use. Kudos to those who put this all together. Donald T., 09.06.2022
  • Hi all, just thought I'd thank you for bringing back the black theme. Meteoblue is now pleasingly restful and enjoyable to the eye. Wonderful! Meteoblue is an excellent weather site. I've been recommending it for years, and I especially mention it to fellow amateur astronomers for the fantastic astronomical seeing page. Awesome work. Congratulations. Ruud L.,Netherlands, 04.04.2022


  • Delighted! Thanks metablue. I recommend the site. You're up to date with the weather. Your program is my priority. Cornelia, 28.02.2021
  • Hi Meteoblue, Just a short feedback on the new Weather Maps pages - they look great but please please please can we keep the Observations section; most importantly the METARs, These are so valuable and will be a great loss when you archive the "legacy" maps.Thanks so much for all your work. Meteoblue is certainly a leader in met data and forecasting. Best regards, 20.02.2021
  • Thank you, meteoblue, for point+! Thanks also for the great forecast and the beautiful and comprehensive weather presentation! Wish you every success in your further development! Surfator, 08.03.2021
  • Not a complaint, just a thank you for a great site……., Scott G., 15.10.2021
  • Hi there, I have been an avid user of Meteoblue for years and just now I discovered the Climate Change information! So relevant these days and I have to say it is reasonably accurate projection of weather trends over the last 40 years (my lifetime + 14 yrs :)) Overall - Meteoblue provide great service much needed. Keep up the good work and I wish you well. Seid, 23.11.2021


  • Just a quick note to let you guys know that I am enjoying your program a lot, and being a sailor in the Fort Lauderdale/ Bahamas and the Florida Keys, it is very important to know in advance what the weather will be. Now that I understand the symbols, it gives me a much better overview than the other sites that I check. Congratulations and please try to have your software accepted as default at the Apple Watch. Cheers. Homero. 06.10.2020
  • Hi,thanks for the site and the app. Really accurate predictions. Use it almost every day a couple of times-in the city or especially when i'm on a mountain trip. I recommend you to all of my friends,looking for meteo-site :) Regards from Sofia, Bulgaria, Andrey, 15.11.2020
  • Fantastic and very exact weather forecast ! Thanks !! Klaus, 25.08.2020
  • Meteoblue offers the most comprehensive understanding of meteorologie. It should be the first 15 minutes of the day's teaching..... in any classroom! 02.12.2020
  • I am using your site with point+ since 2 years. It is getting better and better. Congratulations! With new `Wetterkarten` it became so good that I don't need any other weather site anymore. I also appreciate that your weather forecasts (for Europe) are surprisingly precise. Excellent job. I hope your pricing for point+ will stay stable and thus affordable for private users. Wolf K., 23.07.2020.
  • I have been using meteoblue.com for several years now. I think it is really nice, I especially appreciate the infographics/charts, like the meteogram: very informative but still clear and easily readable. Thank you. Keep up the great work! Sébastien, 09.05.2020.
  • I love it. Don’t change. WU changed theirs to garbage so I deleted the Ap. Looked hard and found this. Works fine for me. Allen E, 02.02.2020.


  • meteoblue is the most reliable weather forecast for the mountain tours I plan and for the advise I give to other mountaineers. These last days I was again on a remote mountain hut (at an altitude of almost 2400 meters) and meteoblue’s forecast was again very reliable! -Klaus R. 30.10.2019.
  • Thank you so very much for a fast, understandable, complete explanation. I got it. I’m a home gardener from NH and use the site for monitoring frost. I love the site. Thank you again. if, 31.08.2019.
  • As a visitor to Slovenia I find your weather forecast to be the most comprehensive and accurate weather forecast available on the internet. R.Green, 15.08.2019.
  • Frankly speaking, your website is actually and undoubtedly my go-to weather resource ever. Alexander, 12.08.2019.
  • Thanks, I have to say I’m very pleased how the meteoblue customer support responds. I have reached out to meteoblue already many times and I have always received a timely and useful feedback. Anonymous, 19.06.2019.
  • I am a paragliding pilot and have different account for different weather forecast apps. One of them is xcskies , which I have been member since 2015 . You have been much better in predicting weather in general, NOW that you have more options , especially for aviation , (the missing colour in the app is there) , I love it . Ali A. 28.05.2019.
  • Superb, best weather site on the internet. Ian D. 08.06.2019.
  • Your wind show is the best I have ever seen. Good going. Ebbe S. 07.06.2019.
  • With regard to the new website, the overall layout and colour scheme looks good. Le Manh, 27.04.2019.
  • I surf many sites but not got the information of Diveagar. I need a climatic info for my case study. Your site help me a lot. Thank you so much... and this site covers most of climatic data. 01.01.2019.

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