meteoblue offers a wide portfolio of weather data products aimed at both business customers and private customers. Below you can find detailed explanations of these features specifically designed for farmers, encompassing all information from general purpose to detailed tips on how to use them to improve your farm management. All these agricultural meteograms require a point+ website subscription.

Agriculture Products

Meteogram AGRO > meteogramagro.png

Meteogram AGRO

The meteoblue Meteogram AGRO displays all important weather variables for agriculture within one visual. It enables you to instantly see the most essential variables, such as temperature, wind, or precipitation, to more advanced data, such as evapotranspiration or spraying time windows.

Sowing Windows > sowingwindows_prev.jpg

Sowing Windows

The Sowing Windows meteogram shows the forecasted precipitation and soil temperature and the suitability of sowing conditions for 6 different crop types.

Spraying Windows > spraying_windows.png

Spraying Windows

This meteogram indicates the most suitable times for spraying your crops. You can see the time values per se, as well as the anticipated temperature, precipitation, and wind data.

Soil Trafficability > soil_trafficability.png

Soil Trafficability

The meteogram Soil Trafficability is indispensable if you need accurate data on the trafficability on different types of soil (sand, silty loam, silt, clay), and indicates high, medium, or poor trafficability conditions for your farmland.