Meteogram Agro

meteoblue meteogram Agro shows the development of the weather with diagrams of air temperature, wind velocity and direction on the ground, as well as precipitation, clouds, spraying windows and evaporation. The data are valid for the forecast area of a model grid cell, without indicating special conditions of the selected place (e.g. differences in height). The display of all weather variables takes place in local time.


Meteogram AGRO - Basel

The temperature is shown by a colour curve at hourly intervals. Weather symbols are on the same diagram to make a brief summary of the weather conditions.

The precipitation is shown with dark blue bars for the total rain and light blue bars for rain showers. The precipitation probability (%) is displayed by a pink curve.

The cloud cover is shown as function of the altitude (asl) and of the total cloud coverage. A brown bar shows the altitude above sea level.

The Spray window helps identifying suitable periods for applying crop protection measures by showing suitable (green), less suitable (yellow) and unsuitable (red) periods for application. The conditions are calculated from wind, precipitation, temperature and humidity. The recommendation must be verified just before the application with the current actual weather conditions.

The next diagram shows the balance of evaporation and transpiration (evapotranspiration) in mm and relative humidity (%) in the area.

The wind diagram displays the wind direction with wind barbs, as well as the wind speed (light orange curve) and wind gusts (bold curve) in hourly intervals.

For more details about the meteogram Agro, please download the following document:

meteogram_AGRO_20190809_EN.pdf (880.16 kB)

This meteogram is available with a subscription to point+ or meteoblue API.