Global Location Search

There is no place on Earth without meteoblue precision weather information!

meteoblue provides weather information for any location on Earth; on land and sea, cities and mountains, on the ground and in the air. The Global Location Search allows you to select the place for which you need a forecast - globally, easily, within seconds.

Our Global Location Search summarised:

  • Millions of places: Select among 8 million places.
  • Map search: Pick any location on the map, both on land and sea, in the entire world.
  • Easy to use: "Smart" text search, sorting, coordinate search, favourites, attributes, clean URLs, multi-language support and compatible with many browsers.
  • ICAO Codes: Find airports directly - for aviation.

The term location identifies a point on the Earth's surface, using a geographic position.

The weather for the selected position will be shown in local time (unless UTC is indicated).

The global location search pre-sorts the results by their relevance and - for locations with identical relevance - alphabetically. The only exception is a coordinate search, where results are sorted by their distance to the coordinates.

We offer several ways to look for a place and find it, depending on the known details about the location.

  • Search for location names

      Just type in the name of the place you are looking for in the Location Search field,located in the header of our start page. The search will start immediately and present a list of results.

      You will find cities, villages, mountains and many more types of places in our database, totalling more than 3 million populated places and more than 8 million places worldwide.

  • Search for postal codes

      You can find towns in European and some American counties by their postal code, using the same method as for the place name search (typing the postal code in instead of the place name).

  • Search for coordinates

      Directly enter the coordinates into the location search bar, using latitudes and longitudes from the WGS84 decimal system (e.g. "46.42N / 07.82E", "46.42 07.82" or "34.86S / 56.17W", "-34.86 -56.17").

      The coordinate search will then look for places in the vicinity. You can also get weather information for the exact location of your coordinates, which means that we truly offer forecasts for every location on Earth, including land and sea. The precision of the weather information depends on the spatial resolution of the weather simulation.

  • Map search

      You can click on the map symbol in the Location Search bar to open the map.

      It shows the position of the currently selected location by default. You can click any spot on the map to select a new location.

      To zoom in and out of the map, use the navigation at the top left corner of the map (+ and -). You can also use the scroll function of your mouse or drag the map with the hand cursor before clicking the desired location.