Meteogram 7-Days

 Meteogram 7-Days- Bergen

You can find the meteogram 7-Days forecast on the meteoblue website.

This meteogram shows 4 different diagrams with variables in hourly intervals.

The first one displays the temperature colour curve with pictograms.

The second diagram shows the precipitation and the relative humidity for the selected place. The total rain and rain showers with dark blue and light blue bars are shown as water equivalent in mm. The purple curve shows the precipitation probability (in %) while the blue curve shows the relative humidity in %. Snowfall is shown with "***" and freezing rain as "!".

The third diagram displays the cloud cover as function of the altitude (asl) and of the time.

The last diagram shows the wind direction with wind barbs (green), the wind speed at 10 m in km/h with the orange curve, and the wind gusts at 10 m in km/h with the red curve.

The data are valid for the selected location, available for any place on earth, and updated at least 2 times per day. The hour of the last update is written on the top left of the meteogram, below the name of the place and the coordinates. The meteogram is presented in local time.

For more details, click on the links of this page or download the following document:

Meteogram_7d_en.pdf (265.99 kB)

This meteogram is available with a suscription to point+ or meteoblue API.