Weather Today

Here you can find an overview of the "Weather Today" page.

Weather Today summarises the local weather forecast in hourly steps for the next six hours. It shows the weather pictograms, temperature, felt temperature, wind direction and wind speed as well as the rainSPOT.


rainNOW is a nowcasting service based mostly on telemetry data which shows precipitation in steps of 15 minutes for the next 2 hours. rainNOW is updated every 15 minutes with the latest precipitation forecasts, 24 hours a day. rainNOW

Here you can find more information about rainNOW.

Precipitation radar with lightning

Our "precipitation radar" maps show a short term precipitation forecast for the next hour. For your selected location, we display a map of the country and a local radarSPOT, with your location in the center.

Here you can find more information about precipitation radar with lightning.


Depending on the location you are looking at, some webcams may be available, provided by

Satellite - Europe

The satellite images show the cloud distribution. The images show most of the actual clouds; small clouds, fog, clouds at night and aerosols may not be visible. In mountain areas, snow may appear as clouds. Consult the point® forecast for the local details.

Current weather situation and warnings

Below the satellite image, and depending on the region of the selected location, you can find small weather maps to get an overview about the weather development within your region. To animate the maps, hover or click with your cursor over/on each map.

Here you can find more information about current weather and warnings.

Surrounding weather stations

You can see the surrounding weather stations with information about the current temperature.