CoronaVirus - Study


This page shows results of studies about the relationship of the pandemic CoronaVirus COVID-19 with 6 main weather variables. The aim is to support the scientific community and public with rapid and understandable information about the weather related aspects of this pathogen, and to help relief efforts around the world.


We initiate this page with a study about "Influence of weather on Corona-Virus infections", an analysis of infections in 21 countries as a function of weather from 01. January to 18.March 2020. It's aims are to:

  1. determine possible correlations between the new Corona-Virus (SARS-CoV-2) disease infections (COVID-19) in relation to the 6 main weather variables (parameters).
  2. contribute to the estimate of further risk of COVID-19 infections during the upcoming summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and in countries with warm climate.
  3. test the methodology of combining public data on COVID-19 infections with historical data from weather simulation data.
  4. contribute to the further knowledge of COVID-19 infections in a rapid way.

The study can be downloaded here:

meteoblue Study Corona-weather 20200320v102.pdf (906.91 kB)

COVID-19 detections X daily air temperature 7 days before detection in 7
countries from 20200101 to 20200318 COVID-19 detection growth in relation to daily air temperature 7 days before
detection in 11 countries from 20200101 to 20200318

Other observations

Recent data suggest an influence of air relative humidity on the transmission of the Virus. This is supported by a series of independent observations

  1. High intensity of transmission occurs in places with (very) high air humidity (discotheques, meat processing plants, etc.)
  2. Tropical countries with humid climate are more affected by COVID-19 than countries with dry climate.
  3. Transmission ratios were higher in months with higher relative humidity (winter months) than lower humidity (summer months) .

Obviously , transmission depends on a very large number of factors, and is significantly influenced by people behaviour. Meteorology plays only a minor rôle, since most of people affected spend the majority of their time indoors, shileding them from direct meteorologcial influence.

We are cooperating with several institutions and providing meteorological data for better understanding of these factors.

The current and forecast air relative humidity can be directly studied on our website front page for your selected location, as well as for your entire area, using our new maps.


We will continue to investigate the subject and appreciate your suggestions and feedback.