Welcome to meteoScool!

Our world - our weather... and how well do YOU know it?

Interested in the weather? Want to get updated documents for lectures or school work? Already studied the weather and crave for more? Or simply have fun with weather stuff? Then, you ought to like meteoScool. meteoScool is an offer from meteoblue for everyone willing to better understand the weather and its influence(s) on the Earth and human activities; using live visualisations of the weather and some of the influencing processes. With meteoScool, you may deepen your theoretical knowledge of the weather, on the basis of up-to-date weather visuals.
meteoScool invites you to search, experiment and extract; and can thereby also be used for knowledge transfer and instructions.

meteoScool dwells upon your interest, your proposals and your contributions. Let us take the opportunity here to thank all those who have enriched meteoScool with their contributions.
We wish you enlightening experiences, additional knowledge and some fun using of meteoScool. Fun is the best teacher!

Your meteoblue team

Why meteoScool?

meteoScool is not a typo, it is our programme:
meteo is cool!
Why is the weather cool? Because:

  • you never really know everything that lies behind it, even if you know it;
  • it is an integral part of daily life;
  • you can play with it;
  • you may want it to "cool down" a bit.

If you know further reasons why the weather is cool, write us. That is why we offer meteoScool!