• meteoblue history interfaces are giving access to hourly data since 1940 from more than 30 different sources
  • Daily updates and year comparisons allow operation strategy assessment up to the current day
  • More than 30 different datasets including measurements, observations, simulations and environmental information
  • Knowing the weather risk (frost, drought, storm, flood etc.) of your site on a weekly basis
  • High speed access to hourly weather time series since 1940 within less than one second
  • Intelligent spatial aggregations allow area or site comparisons of specific variables on a defined time range
  • meteoblue expertise helps to find the most accurate dataset for your specific region of interest
  • Instant availability of smart time aggregations (daily, monthly, yearly) based on hourly values
  • Intuitive graphical tools allow to quickly understand the weather conditions for any location worldwide

To improve business advantage of your system layout - access meteoblue history data within a matter of seconds

History Products


With history+ you get immediate access to the meteoblue weather simulation archive, including unlimited downloads and an interactive interface for data analyses.

  • Historical data since 1940
  • Available for the most common weather variables, such as temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction
  • Interactive tools like year comparison, histogram, wind rose and risk assessment
  • Multiple formats such as csv and png
  • 100% complete without gaps
  • Unlimited download for one year

Images (graphics)

meteoblue offers thousands of images from different categories, that can easily be integrated into the your software. These images can be individually customised as they are available in many languages for any location on Earth.

Site comparison

meteoblue offers advanced site assessment tools, that allow comparisons of all common weather variables based on more than 30 different data sources with highest accuracy. This helps to find the perfect location that is suitable for weather and environmental conditions of any site worldwide.

Risk assessment

meteoblue offers several risk assessment tools, that bring site assessment to a new level. This is especially useful to assess the frost, heat, flood and drought risk of any location worldwide. The risk assessment tool is available through history+ or API for any location worldwide.


histogram for Basel

meteoblue offers the histogram functionality including Weibull distribution for a defined time range of up to 30 years. The histogram function is available through history+ or API for any location worldwide.

Year comparison

The meteoblue year comparison allows you to compare any of the common weather variables of the current year with any year since 1940 or typical and extreme years. The year comparison is available through history+ or API for any location worldwide.

Weather archive diagram

The weather archive diagram offers access to past weather simulations for every place in the world since 2008. You can see weather information for yesterday or the weather archive of the last years. The weather archive diagram is separated in 3 charts for temperature, clouds and wind information.

Weather simulation data

Basically, meteoblue forecasts are calculated with own models and no weather stations. Therefore we are using several weather models with a very high resolution of up to 3 km, which enables the inclusion of detailed topography, ground cover and surface cover. Each forecast is archived by meteoblue at least once daily. From these data, we create a complete hourly history of the weather situation, which we can deliver for every place in the world from 1940 until today.

History & Climate Data

For historical weather analyses we recommend using our high-speed History API, which allows easy retrieval and integration of an extensive selection of weather variables ranging back to 1940.

Additional weather variables can be provided on demand.


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