Below you can find information about a variety of meteograms, including advanced visualisations such as MultiModel and MultiModel Ensemble.

Forecast Products


Our meteograms provide an overview of the weather over the course of the following days. They can be used for general or for special purposes, such as agriculture or solar energy. Some of our most common meteograms are:


Meteogram MultiModel compares and contrasts the forecast data output from a wide range of weather forecast simulation models (the actual number of models depends on the given location). This way it helps to understand the predictability of the weather forecast, depending on how much the models are diverging.

MultiModel Ensemble

Meteogram MultiModel Ensemble illustrates the forecast data based on GFS ensemble members and high-resolution models, which we combine to produce our 14 days forecast.

Seasonal Forecast

Seasonal forecast images visualise the regional anomalies for the next 6 months for areas of 100 square kilometres.