Media & Websites

  • Weather API for easy integration into your system or individual app
  • High speed performance allows access within milliseconds
  • Reliable infrastructure for millions of requests every day
  • Raw data to create your own design with high precision forecasts
  • Graphics ready to show on your website or print media
  • Various weather Widgets to integrate meteoblue forecasts in your website

For Media & Websites meteoblue offers a wide range of products. There are fix products like the weather Widgets that can be easily integrated into your website or individual solutions with the meteoblue images or data packages (raw data).

Weather APIs

Packages API > jsondata.png

Packages API Our recommended solution to integrate weather data in your application

meteoblue offers numerous weather variables which are grouped into history and forecast packages. Specific packages for media & websites are available in CSV and JSON formats.

Maps API > webmaps_significant-wave-height_lightbox.png

Maps API Fully customizable integration of our stunning weather maps

With the Maps API you can get access to innovative weather maps that cover the whole world with a wide range of weather data overlays, including temperature, precipitation, pressure and many more. Furthermore, the Maps plugin offers stunning animations for wind, satellite images and weather radar.

For Media & Websites we recommend the following layers:

Images API > meteogram-14-days_one_column_of_four.png

Images API Ready to use Weather and Climate diagrams

meteoblue offers a wide range of meteograms, that can easily be integrated into your website or print media. The images are available for many languages and the location name on the image can be chosen individually (for example name of hotel or name of amusement park).

For Media & Websites we recommend the following meteograms:

Dataset API > agro-site-assessment_lightbox.png

Dataset API The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data

The Dataset API gives access to the world largest weather database with more than 50 different datasets and hundreds of variables. Climate predictions and site comparisons based on typical and extreme years provide help in securing long term investments.


Plug & Play visuals

meteoTV > meteotv_thumb.png

meteoTV Free Screen Display of our weather forecast

meteoTV is perfect when you need to display top-accuracy weather information on a screen. This product is perfect for hotels, cruise ships or other touristic venues as well as for reception desks at office buildings and many other use cases. Set up the screen display of accurate weather information within minutes and completely free of charge.

Website widgets > widget_thumb.png

Website widgets Display stunning weather visualisations on your website

Would you like to bring your website to the next level by implementing top-accuracy weather data? meteoblue offers a wide range of customisable plug & play widgets.

Whether you are looking for a simple daily overview, a more detailed 3-hour visual, or weather maps – we have the right widget for you. On top of that, you can also utilise our Astronomy Seeing widget, which is a perfect source of meteorological as well as astronomical information for both amateur and professional astronomers.

Meteo & Climate services

history+ > risk-assessment-water-capacity-rio-de-janeiro_one_column_of_three.png

history+ Analyse historical weather data and climate change

With history+ you gain immediate access to the vast meteoblue weather simulation archive, for any selected place on Earth, including unlimited downloads and access to interactive interfaces for data analysis.

Histogram > histogramprev.png


history+ includes online analysis tools for frequency patterns. Temperature, precipitation and wind frequencies are visualised in a histogram and help to better understand occurance of conditions such as frost or intense precipitation.

Wind rose > windroseprev.png

Wind rose

Wind speed frequencies for wind power generation are calculated for any coordinates on land or sea. Wind roses classify wind directions and speeds, e.g. to further evaluate potential wind park sites and improve power generation efficiency.


FTP & E-Mail > raw-data-forecast_lightbox.png

FTP & E-Mail

All our API products can be transmitted via FTP & E-Mail.

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