Solar energy

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Site Search

Optimise your site selection by comparing different locations with solar maps and solar history data. Based on hourly time series from 80 years of global weather simulations, we offer horizontal irradiation (GHI) and other weather variables within high precision tools to support your site selection.

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System Design

Optimise exposition and layout of your system with our monthly yield calculator. Based on hourly time series from 80 years of global horizontal irradiation (GHI) we offer you high precision tools to assess your long term production.

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Benchmark the performance of your measurement data or solar system comparing it to the satellite or other observational data of the last days or months.

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Improve trading or scheduling and reduce imbalance penalties with solar forecasting of radiation or (PV) power: Hourly updated Intraday and Day Ahead Forecasting combines everything you need in one API.