• Improve trading or scheduling and reduce imbalance penalties with meteoblue solar forecast
  • Optimise the energy management with high precision weather forecast
  • Implementation of expected electricity production into web applications
  • Performance ratio analyses based on satellite observation by the end of each day
  • Scheduling of maintenance operation for higher electricity yield
  • Based on PV power plant position, capacity (kWp) and inclination angles
  • Numerous variables (radiation, temperature, power, variation, etc.) for your specific sites in any place on Earth
  • Statistical optimization of forecasts based on observational data

Weather APIs

Packages API > raw-data-climate_one_column_of_three.png

Packages API Our recommended solution to integrate weather data in your application

meteoblue offers numerous weather variables which are grouped into history and forecast packages. There are different packages for specific use cases like agriculture, renewable energy and many others. The data packages are available for different historical and forecasting time-ranges in the CSV and JSON formats.

  • History basic - contains defined time series of the most common variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)
  • History Solar - contains historical data of specific solar radiation variables for the solar energy sector
  • History Photovoltaic - contains historical data regarding solar power production

Maps API > web-maps_one_column_of_four.png

Maps API Fully customizable integration of our stunning weather maps

With the Maps API you can get access to innovative weather maps that cover the whole world with a wide range of weather data overlays, including temperature, precipitation, pressure and many more. Furthermore, the Maps plugin offers stunning animations for wind, satellite images and weather radar.

Images API > solar_operation_one_column_of_four.jpg

Images API Ready to use Weather and Climate diagrams

You can access our site specific solar power forecast images freely here to confirm our forecast quality. Check out the graphical PV yield forecast for your site.

Dataset API > satellite-image_one_column_of_three.jpg

Dataset API The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data

To assure the highest quality level of your required radiation data we can compare satellite observed radiation data with other datasets like ERA5 reanalyses or weather models. The different datasets can be used to assess typical and extreme years and optimize long term yield.

Meteo & Climate services

Renewable Energy MOS > simulation-quality_one_column_of_three.jpg

Renewable Energy MOS Plant specific forecast trained on your measurements

MOS (Model output statistics) is the technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using statistics of local historical power measurements. The MOS service substantially improves the accuracy of the forecast data for solar radiation and power predictions. Site specific conditions like seasonal fog, shading or spectral sensitivity are accurately forecasted when solar energy MOS is implemented.


FTP & E-Mail > raw-data-forecast_lightbox.png

FTP & E-Mail

All our API products can be transmitted via FTP & E-Mail.

How to order?

For pricing examples, detailed information on the access levels, meteoblue credits, support levels and license conditions please consult our API pricing page.

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