Agricultural strategy

  • Maximizing your annual yields with optimised agricultural strategies
  • Assessing return of investment of land management measures on your farmland
  • Analyzing cost benefit ratios of an irrigation system for your farmland
  • Comparing plant growth on different sites with past weather data
  • Global database or API service for automised implementation into your farm management software
  • Hourly time series from more than 40 years of global weather and environmental databases
  • Numerous weather variables and soil information for any specific site worldwide

You need raw data for software implementation, additional variables or countrywide databases? We offer a wide range of products to optimise agricultural strategy.

meteoblue offers thousands of images from different categories, that can easily be integrated into the your farm management software. These images can be individually customised as they are available in many languages for any location on Earth.

Weather APIs

Packages API > jsondata.png

Packages API Our recommended solution to integrate weather data in your application

For agricultural purposes we recommend the following data packages:

  • Historybasic - contains defined time series of the most common variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)
  • Historyagro - contains variables related to agriculture
  • Modelclimate - contains climate estimates of the most common variables

Images API > climate_lightbox.png

Images API Ready to use Weather and Climate diagrams

meteoblue climate diagrams show seasonal climate patterns of any specific location worldwide. Thus, these images are perfect to assess the seasonal weather conditions of your agricultural sites. For Agriculture we recommend all our climate diagrams:

Dataset API > agro-site-assessment_lightbox.png

Dataset API The big data API for complex analyses of historical weather data

meteoblue offers advanced site assessment tools, that allow comparisons of all common variables based on more than 30 different data sources with highest accuracy. This helps to find the perfect crop that is suitable for weather and soil conditions of any site worldwide.

Meteo & Climate services

history+ > year-comparison_hdd_moscow_one_column_of_three.png

history+ Analyse historical weather data and climate change

Gain immediate access to the vast meteoblue weather simulation archive, for any selected place on Earth. history+ includes unlimited downloads and interactive tools like year comparison, histogram and risk assessment, customized for the Agriculture sector.


FTP & E-Mail > raw-data-forecast_lightbox.png

FTP & E-Mail

All our API products can be transmitted via FTP & E-Mail.

For pricing examples, detailed information on the access levels, meteoblue credits, support levels and license conditions please consult our API pricing page.

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